International Conference on Manure Management and Valorisation

It is with great excitement that we invite you to join LEX4BIO at ManuREsource International Conference on Manure Management and Valorisation 2024. During this first final that the project conducts in cooperation with sister FERTIMANURE, we are going to present project’s key outputs to the scientific community, actors involved in manure management and policy makers.

The sixth edition of the ManuREsource conference will take place in Antwerp, Belgium, 20 – 21 March, 2024!

In the afternoon of March 20, LEX4BIO will run two parallel sessions, each featuring four presentations, with dedicated Q&A slots:

Session 1: Agronomic performance of bio-based fertilizers and their potential to replace mineral fertilizers in the EU

  • Availability of nutrient-rich side streams and potential of biobased fertilisers for crop growth and soil health in Europe
  • Potential of bio-based phosphorus fertilizers to replace conventional fertiliser in Europe
  • Agronomic performance of nitrogen-rich, bio-based fertilizers across European field trial sites
  • Compliance methods to determine the agronomic performance of bio-based fertilisers

Session 2: Stakeholders acceptance and potential effects of bio-based fertilizers on the environment, food safety and health

  • Survey on opinions and attitudes of selected stakeholders about bio-based fertilisers
  • Contaminants and antibiotic resistance genes in bio-based fertilizers (BBFs): low risk for soils and crops
  • Quantifying nitrogen and phosphorus losses from bio-based fertilisers in European agriculture through experimentation and modelling
  • Life cycle assessment of BBF production – applying the Lex4Bio LCA-Convention

Exclusive site visits to the following local manure processing installations will be organised on Friday, March 22, 2024:

Heirbaut aLgriculture, Temse (BE)
Sustainable Fuel Plant Group (SFP), Westdorpe Zeeland (NL)
Vervaet, Biervliet (NL)

ManuREsource is an international conference hosted by the Flemisch Coordination Centre for Manure Processing, Ghent University and Inagro. The sixth edition is organized in collaboration with NCM, the Dutch Center of Expertise for Valorization of Manure, a partnership between the national and regional governments, the agriculture and the agribusiness in the Netherlands.

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