Authors: Nicolas Estoppey a, Gabriela Castro b c, Gøril Aasen Slinde a, Caroline Berge Hansen a, Mari Engvig Løseth a, Katinka Muri Krahn d, Viona Demmer a, Jørgen Svenni a e, Teresa-Van-Anh Thi Tran a e, Alexandros G. Asimakopoulos b, Hans Peter H. Arp a b, Gerard Cornelissen a f


  • Fertilizers from biowaste, sewage sludge and agro/food industry waste were assessed.
  • Packaging plastic concentrations in biowaste fertilizers exceeded the EU limit.
  • Small amounts of non-packaging plastics were found in other fertilizers.
  • Low concentrations of DEHP and phthalate metabolites were measured in all fertilizers.
  • Phthalate metabolites bioaccumulated in earthworms.

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