LEX4BIO project is currently conducting survey research to identify the crucial drivers and barriers regarding the replacement of conventional fertilizers by bio-based fertilizers (BBFs). The questionnaire is dedicated to four groups of main stakeholders in the value chain – farmers, consumers, fertilizer producers and companies from the food and beverage sector. 

We kindly invite you to complete one of the short surveys. It will take you no more than 15 minutes. The information provided is strictly anonymous and will be used as part of an academic research.

You can access the surveys for the various groups here. The surveys for farmers are available in 7 languages, and for consumers, fertilizer producers (or future producers) and companies from the food and beverage industry – in 3 languages.

By engaging in this survey, you can contribute to overcoming one of the key challenges of modern agriculture – to increase the use of raw materials of biological and waste origin in fertilization.

Thank you!

Link to surveys: https://lex4bio.eu/survey-2/