The Austrian NDF took place on the 23rd of June this year at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), bringing 17 participants together in a hybrid in-presence – online meeting from research organisations, agriculture chambers, fertilizer industries, water and energy service providers, environmental consultants, and the Ministry of Agriculture.
The NDF was embedded in a “Nutrient Recycling” Seminar, where othersimilar projects like Systemic, RecaP and Nutribudget were also presented. The program included an overview of Phosphorus-recycling projects in Austria, where the floor belonged to LEX4BIO,RecaP – Capture, recycling and societal management of phosphorus in the environment, Systemic – Circular Solutions for Biowaste and Nutribudget followed by a more subject specific presentations on results from Lex4Bio regarding P-efficiency and LCA, business cases and LCA presentation from Systemic,  perspectives for other nutrients such as N, K, B. The event was closed with a discussion on the presented topics and a visit to LEX4BIO field experiment site.
Feedback from all participants was very positive. They shared that their presence was partly motivated by the new sewage sludge strategy, which foresees a compulsory P recovery in Austria. The possibility to visit the field experiment was another relevant incentive. The seminar had a high value as networking event, bringing together various stakeholders of the nutrient recycling field.