25 January 2023

The leader of LEX4BIO research activities on the agronomic efficiency of bio-based fertilisers as N source for crops, Lars Jensen, UCPH, was invited to the Danish Plant Congress 2023 (”Plantekongressen 2023”), held 11 – 12 January in Herning, Denmark to talk about bio-based fertilisers, new EU Fertilizing Products Regulation (FPR), and results on potential ammonia loss and fertiliser value from such bio-based fertilisers. The large 2-day annual event welcomed more than 2000 participants from the areas of Denmark, Sweden and Norway, to include farmers, advisors, researchers, public authorities and students.

The conference ran in 8 parallel tracks, with a total of 76 sessions, each consisting of 2 talks. During the session dealing with the important question whether bio-based fertilizers can replace synthetic fertilisers, and in front of approximately 300 attendees, Lars presented on ”Fertiliservalue and potential ammonia loss from bio-based fertilisers on the European market”. The presentation was followed by a fifteen minute Q&A discussion.  

More info about Plantekongressen 2023 you can find in the link, in Danish: